Assistant FiboPlusSignal MT4

Automatic and manual trade by any instrument (symbol) and on any period of the chart.

The working algorithm is based on:

  • Fibonacci retracement. (5 different methods);
  • Calculation of trend direction by 14 indicators;
  • Support and resistance lines;
  • Horizontal support/resistance levels.

Additional options:

  • Locking of orders (instead of setting up stop loss);
  • Trailing stop by Fibonacci retracement;
  • Alert system;
  • Visual panel for opening orders in manual trading – 11 options.


  • Logo FiboPlusSignal - Automatic trading mode on/off button. (The button «Auto Trading» in MetaTrader must be activated).
  • Color scheme switching button, other colors can be applied via Expert settings.
  • Arrow buttons. Relocation of the menu to any random point on a chart.
  • Button «X». Removal of Expert from current chart.
  • Button "Trend direction". Calculation of trend direction by each timeframe. Indicators are used (RSI, Stochastic, MACD, ADX, BearsPower, BullsPower, AO, WPR, MA - 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200).
  • Button "Support & Resistance".
    • Building horizontal levels (fractals and RSI).
    • Building support and resistance trend lines (RSI).
    • Channeling.
  • Button "Fibonacci levels". Showing any Fibonacci retracement for sale and purchase for any period of the chart according to 5 different calculations (Best, Standard, RSI, Impulse, Zig_Zag).
  • Button "Alert signal & Trading". Built-in alert system. (On-screen display, E-Mail, Push notifications). The settings allow you to specify the number and frequency of repeated alerts, as well as your own Fibonacci level for alerts.
    • Button "bell button" – incoming alert. After a while, it changes into a "Buy" or "Sell" order sign.
    • Buttons "Buy", "Sell". A visual aid for manual trade with 11 options:
      • Set the amount of lot;
      • Whether or not the spread is set when placing orders;
      • Locking of orders (instead of setting up stop loss);
      • Selection of stop loss from 4 options (no stop loss , by Fibonacci, by horizontal level, by support/resistance line);
      • Show current Fibonacci retracement;
      • Place from 1 to 4 orders with different take profit;
      • Visualize selected parameters for opening of orders;
      • Alerts triggered for this order;
      • Open orders button;
      • Information on opened orders (ticket numbers).
    • Button - Alert timeframe.
    • Button - Profitability of the signal. (1:N). The one part of the loss to N parts of possible profit ratio.
    • Button - Button. Signals by indicators, type of Fibonacci retraction calculation. (show/hide levels).


  • Language (Russian, English, Deutsch, Espanol, Portugues)
  • Color scheme - Сolor scheme (preset colors)::
    • White background - for white background;
    • Black background - for black background;
    • Custom background - custom settings of all colors.
  • Lot size - Lot size;
  • Lot change +,- Lot size increment;
  • Lock Order on/off - Locking of orders;
  • FIBO Custom - (level values separated by “,”);
  • User Fibo level Alert - Fibonacci user level for alerts;
  • Alert on/off - Alerts (enable/disable);
  • Alert from Time Frame, Alert to Time Frame - Timeframes for alerts;
  • Minute repeat of Alerts - Repeat alerts in a specific number of minutes;
  • Number repeat of Alerts - The number of alert repetitions;
  • Alert Fibo only - Alerts only by Fibonacci retracement;
  • E-Mail on/off - Send alerts to E-Mail;
  • Push on/off - Send alerts via Push notifications;